January 2020 - Life on the Funny Farm

Ramblings of a Flower Farmer

Michigan Flower Farm

Winter has been pretty gentle on us this year.

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is excited about 2020 and welcoming the new year with enthusiasm and many hopes and dreams for a happy, healthy and prosperous year.

So far this winter has been kind to us. After getting slammed in November, then having fall in December, we’ve had a relatively easy time of it so far. Lets hope spring comes in a sane fashion this year!

I’m finally catching up on some website work this month, including building our new Florist website that you’re reading part of here. I wear a lot of hats, and it's been kind of a difficult to jump back on this horse! I've forgotten a lot about web design since last winter! Writing is also a difficult horse to get back on. Am I saying too much? Not enough? Am I boring the heck out of everyone? (Can I cuss?) I also starting with just one page, our Florist's Price List, and ... like a lot of my projects have a habit of doing, it just kept growing. I hope it is useful, ramblings and all. I can't swear I'll keep it updated through the growing months, but I always love to think so.

I’ve been able to spend some time with my dad and his wife lately. Every other week I head out to their house in Willis to do a few chores, load their indoor wood rack, and visit for a while. Dad’s had some health issues and over the past 3 years I’ve seen him decline both mentally and physically. The medical doctors have no answers for him... he's "old". I talked him into seeing Dr. Potter, who is now my Primary Natural Health Care Provider, and am so pleased he agreed to go! It was no easy feat, believe me! I sweated it until dad was in the Jeep! Dr. Potter addressed his main health concerns during the first visit. I am positive Dr. Potter can help him recover. Dad is dealing with Alzheimer’s, dementia, colon problems, acid reflux, gut problems, kidney stone and eye problems. He looks like he is wasting away and has no energy- basically he looks like he is starving to death. As you know, the medical doctors claim “there is no cure” for Alzheimer’s. However, there is new research showing curcumin can help improve memory in some cases of Alzheimer’s in as little as 18 months. I am excited and very hopeful for dad! He’s a bit more advanced, but I believe it’s worth a try. Some info about curcumin here, or contact Canton Center Chiropractic for an appointment!

Seed starting begins next week, a full two months later than usual due to the fact I cut back on some varieties that require a long lead time to grow. I can’t believe how excited I am! It seems I needed an extra month or so to regroup this year, and although I am glad I made that decision, I am very ready to get growing!

What a way to brighten the January spirits! I received the most pleasant surprise from Nothing Bunt Cakes! I had planned to share them with some friends coming to visit, but when I opened the box and they were gone, gone, gone! That attests to how fabulous they are (ahem...were). I won’t say who ate them all in one day, but it wasn’t Charlie and I only had a little teeny taste of frosting. They are (ahem...were) apparently as heavenly delicious as beautiful! Thank you!

Speaking of Charlie, he misses you all! He's a bit tired of boring 'ol mom. Spring is coming! We both hope to see you soon!