Buyers Guide

Some tips for our buyers

We welcome florists and designers, seasoned or not so much. Flowers are a HUGE investment, so I hope to take some grief out of the process with some tips, suggestions, and a bit about how we work. We love our floral designers and the endless enthusiasm, humor and joy they bring to our farm.

  • ***We must have your business information and sale tax number on file to sell wholesale to you.***
  • Please fill out this form to obtain a user name and password to view wholesale pricing and set up an account. Once approved, you will received a user name and password.
  • (*** Lately we've been getting a lot of "just plain nosy people" requests, mostly from new flower farmers. We do scan for people who just seem to want to know our pricing. Please respect our time and come up with your own price levels. Do the research it takes. If you have questions, be honest about your intentions and don't ask us to set up an account. If we have time, maybe we can help. If not, kindly respect our time (or lack thereof).***)

•Order your flowers in advance for those important events. We work on a first come basis.

•Schedule your pick up date and time balancing vase life around your schedule. A lot of designers with storage capabilities prefer to pick up on Mondays or Tuesdays for weekend events that only need a minimal vase life. Others choose to pick up closer to the event date. Flowers are typically harvested and processed the day prior to your pick up date.

•Please do not change your pickup date and time last minute. We sadly may not be able to accommodate and this isn’t good for you or for us. We will do everything in our power to be flexible, but it is just not always possible.

•Unless you’re on our minimal “bad client” list, we do not require a deposit or payment up front. Please understand once ordered and cut, these flowers belong to you.

•We do expect payment when your flowers are picked up. Cash , check, or Venmo are preferred. We do accept Visa and Master Card via PayPal with an additional 3% processing fee.

•Buckets– the bane of all of our existence. We expect you to bring clean buckets in working condition to swap out. Average 40-50 stems per bucket depending on flower type. TIP: These are usually available for absolutely free at your local grocer with a floral department. Just ask for buckets out of the recycle bin. Free for the asking! Some larger flowers such as sunflowers and amaranthus will require 5 gallon buckets.

•We are a working farm. Please NO drop ins without an appointment.

•Your flowers will go home processed and cooler ready. Some exceptions are flowers that store or ship better dry.

•Feel free to ask questions. We don’t always have the answers, but we try. Our FAQ page is here. Some redundant information, but worth checking out.

•We honestly, truly, really, really do not have a crystal ball in regards to what is out of our control. Although we do everything in our power to assure availability (our livelihood depends on it), despite all, sometimes compost happens.

Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you all!